Friday, October 01, 2010

Poll Results

A few of my polls have closed so I figured I'd put up the results before deleting them.

What have you parted with in the last 12 months due to bed bugs?
Of the 48 people who responded to this poll:

Sense of security: 75%
Sanity: 72%
Mattress: 52%
Bed frame, including headboard: 33%
Other furniture: 31%
Couch: 20%
Apartment: 20%
Friends: 20%
Significant other: 4%
Job/job prospects: 4%

If you have seen bed bugs on the train or bus, where have you seen them?
Of the nine people who responded to this poll:

I don't live in New York City but have seen them on my local transit system: 44%
Queens: 22%
The Bronx: 11%
Metro North: 11%
Yellow taxi: 11%

If you can think of one thing that bed bugs most smell like, what would that thing be?
Of the 31 people who responded to this poll:

Rotten blood: 25%
Rotten eggs and testicles: 16%
Musk (like an animal in heat): 16%
Coriander: 12%
Rust: 12%
Rubbing alcohol: 12%
Other: 3% (Those who chose Other offered their comments in the Nov. 2007 "Sniff, Sniff" entry
and said they smell like nothing, rotting flesh and dirty gym socks.)

These were far more fun than they were scientific, so thanks for participating, and please join in on Bugged Out's other polls.