Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Review of King of Queens

For those who didn’t know, a new episode of “King of Queens” aired last night, and the premise was that Arthur (the father-in-law) had came back from his Florida vacation with bed bug-infested hotel sheets. The bugs spread all over Doug and Carrie’s house and when Doug found out the exterminator (played by Chris Elliot) wanted to charge $1,100 to cleanse the house of bed bugs, Doug decided to use a bug bomb. Just like in real life, those bug bombs do absolutely nothing to kill the bugs. And according to the exterminator, it just made them horny. I don’t know how true that is.

Then the exterminator informs them that because the horny bed bugs mated and laid eggs, there are even more of them than before, and the cost of removing them all will now cost $2,500. With no other choice Doug lets the exterminator do his job while he and Carrie find a place to spend the night.

Overall, I thought the bed bug episode was really good, considering this is supposed to be a sitcom. When Doug called Carrie’s job and told them she had bed bugs, the stigma of bed bugs truly came out as people treated her like a leper. Finally she goes into New York mode and turns to the people in the elevator who were afraid to even be near her and goes, “Yeah, I got bed bugs. What? You want some?” I laughed my ass off.

The constant itching by Doug and Carrie from the bed bugs was also a good dose of reality, although Doug went a little overboard with the physical reactions. When he went to Deacon’s apartment to see if he could sleep on the couch, it looked more like he was convulsing than itching. Then again, that character is an exaggerated one to begin with.

Television shows are often criticized with not showing a true depiction of the issues and scenarios in its storylines. I think this is one episode where the writers can rest easy and know that they did a good accurate job and still managed to keep me laughing.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Budbug Blogger Hits PBS!

No, not me. Caitlin Heller a.k.a. The Caitlinator whose blog "The Bedbug Blog" was interviewed for a PBS article about animal behavior, in this case, bedbugs and its assault on New York City. Check out the article, then check out her blog. Let her know how much better her input made that article.

Also, Caitlin's blog has alerted readers that the next episode of the King of Queens will feature Doug and Carrie (do you follow this show? I do, and not just because I'm from Queens!) having their home turned upside down because her father returned from a Florida vacation and brought back bedbug-infested hotel sheets. King of Queens airs on CBS at 8 pm next Monday.

You know the shit has truly hit the fan once the sitcoms are putting it into their otherwise formulaic episodes.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Unlisted Number

I tried calling the number given to me by the gorgeous lady I met a few days back. Turns out she gave me an unlisted number.

Guess she didn't buy that meat tenderizer story after all.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Do You Have Herpes?

I think the toughest part about being a twentysomething single male in New York City (as if dating in this city wasn’t torture enough) is that you don’t want to tell anyone that you have bed bugs, but eventually someone will ask, “what are those marks on your arm?”

For those unfamiliar with the after effects of bed bugs, their bites sometimes turn into something that resembles reddish welts.

I don’t want to say I have a skin rash, or some type of STD that makes your skin break out. Two days ago this beautiful girl asked me what the series of reddish marks were on my arm. I literally told her the following, and cannot believe she bought it.

“I was fighting this guy in his house, and he ran into his kitchen, came out with a meat tenderizer and started swinging it at me. You know those old-fashioned tenderizers that look like mallets? I kept using my forearm to block each blow until I punched him in the throat and ran out.”

I don’t why I came out with that lie. I guess it was because when she asked, I didn’t have an alibi ready, and I didn’t want to tell her I have a bed bug infestation, and as you can imagine, I sure as hell didn’t want to make up having some kind of illness or STD. Illnesses that mark or deform the skin are usually contagious. Besides, the story makes me look macho because my imaginary enemy was attacking me with a weapon and I took him out with my bare hands.

I totally got her phone number. Score.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Review of "Save Jeffy"

The site I am reviewing today is Save Jeffy.

This site is definitely different from other professional and/or personal bed bug related sites. Definitely an entertaining browse, Save Jeffy humorously depicts bed bugs and his experience with them in such an over dramatized context one usually sees only in Hollywood action movies in which an impending disaster threatens the peaceful lives of many people. Think “Deep Impact.” The site is riddled with disaster references like “How to Identify an Invasion, Signs of the Apocalypse”, etc. Even the site’s splash page features the following plotline which could serve as an excellent voiceover for any action/horror movie.

As you can imagine, the greater goal of the Save Jeffy site is to solicit donations via PayPal to pay for new furniture for Jeffy. The splash page features a photo of a toddler which, by the brownish tint of the image, suggests this is the baby picture of Jeffy who I presume is all grown up.

Save Jeffy’s best feature is that it doesn’t present bed bug information the same way you might find it in, for example, the New York City Department of Health website. Save Jeffy does try to entertain as well as inform. And why not? Anyone living with bed bugs can use a good laugh. For example, when listing what one would need when combating bed bugs, Jeffy includes vodka, of course for yourself and a torch for those embracing an arson fantasy.

Please visit Save Jeffy, if for nothing more than to learn some new information you may not know and a good chuckle. And if you have a few dollars to spare, I’m sure clicking on the PayPal link would definitely send you some karma you way.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Content Filler

There hasn't been much to report while I'm waiting for Councilwoman Brewer to introduce her anti-bed bug legislation. So in the meantime I will begin reviewing bed bug-related web sites.

Friday, February 03, 2006

New Girl

I met this girl in school about a year ago. She is drop-dead gorgeous. I mean, we’d walk down the street together and I could see all the men’s (and women’s) eyes on her. At some point, after a few dates, we just kind of drifted apart. Fast forward to yesterday. We’d been hanging out a lot together this past week, and yesterday she says she has a few hours to kill before class and then asks if she can hang out at my place.

That one came right out of left field. Without missing a beat I said, “Sure,” but in my mind I’m thinking, I better cover up my sheets so she doesn’t see the bed bug spots all over them.

Bed bugs can really put a hold on your love life. What female is going to want to slip into a bed that is either crawling with bugs or has small specks of blood and/or bed bug feces on it? New Girl was going to be the first woman I would bring to my place since my girlfriend dumped me in mid-December. I fooled my ex by changing the sheets before she came, and of course, I would always spend the night at her place.

The minute I brought New Girl home, I told her to wait in the living room while I “fixed my room up a bit.” I quickly dashed to my bedroom and covered the sheets and pillows with a heavy blanket. Problem solved. She hung out until 7 p.m. and we watched my DVD of “The 40-year Old Virgin.”

As I walked New Girl back to the train station, I started thinking about what would happen if she wanted to spend the night. She lives with her parents, so me staying over at her place is out. I know she’s going to find out about the bed bugs if she stays at my place overnight. I really don’t know what to do at this point except not let her sleep over until I get rid of the bed bugs. That might work out for the best after all, as she may interpret my reluctance to spend the night as “taking it slow.”