Thursday, March 16, 2006


As one could imagine, I have been searching the Web for fumigation options to eradicate my bedbug problem. From what I've found, I keep encountering the same two annoying obstacles:

1) The services are primarily designed for houses, such as the great big fumigation tent fumigators will throw over a house. That does nothing for me, because, like many New Yorkers, I do not live in a house. I live in a 10-story, 110-unit apartment building. You wanna throw a tent over that?

2) Even the exterminator services admit that their treatments are not completely effective, and that re-treatments are often required. My guess is that whatever they're using, it's probably designed to kill a different species of insect, like termites or ants.

But then I came upon an interesting article in Pest Control Magazine, which from what I've read on its website, is a trade publication for exterminators. The article talks about Vikane, a substance made by Dow Chemicals. It claims to be powerful enough that only one treatment is needed. Another claim I like about this Vikane is that it is more environmentally-friendly than other fumigants and that you don't need to wash your clothes, dishes or bedding after the fumigation is over.

Not surprisingly, I cannot find anything on the Dow website that estimates how much this treatment costs. I guess Dow will let contractor exterminators break the bad news to consumers. I am still a bit suspicious of this Vikane chemical, mainly because even Dow admits the chemical is designed to combat termites. Shit, I wish I had termites instead of bed bugs! Everybody seems to know how to get rid of those pests.

I'll provide updates on additional information on this product as it becomes available, especially how much a local exterminator would charge for a Vikane fumigation.


the Caitlinator said...

Hm, what do you think of this? Looks like this treatment requires tenting also? Still, it's intriguing.

Bugged Out said...

Hey Caitlin,

I have to apologize in advance. This was an incomplete entry that I thought was not posted by Blogger. My connection failed (yes, I have dial-up. I know, I am a caveman.) as I clicked on "Publish Post" so I assumed it hadn't been published. Instead of going back online, I finished the entry (I write all my entries offline in Word before copying them onto Blogger) and went to bed.

Yes, this is intriguing indeed. And expensive to boot, I can only imagine. But I figure one treatment of Vikane to get the job done the first time is probably the same price as a series of re-treatments with the cheaper stuff. Dow has an 800 number to find local exterminators who are certified Vikane fumigators. I think I'm going to cal that number and ask for an estimate from someone local.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way. It was a nice surprise.

Anonymous said...

Vikane is an odorless gas - its shown here:
But it requires tenting of the building.....