Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bed Bugs: Beware the Wrath of Charlie!

I figured I'd give you guys a break from all the hard news (bugs sprays, City Council hearings, etc.) and give you somethng a bit more light-hearted. Meet my family's pet turtle, Charlie.
He eats broccoli and meatballs, but one day I discovered my 13-year old nephew was catching cockroaches and feeding them to him.

From then on, whenever I'd spot a bed bug anywhere in the apartment, I'd bring it right to Charlie, whose appetite made sure that bug would never bother me again. So far I've fed about a dozen or so bed bugs to him over the last two weeks.

I guess you could call Charlie a form of organic insecticide. Watch out, bed bugs!

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nobugsonme said...

Hi There! Great blog--I've been reading for awhile (I'm in NYC too.)

I think Charlier looks and sounds like a real charmer. (Be careful though--he might be ingesting pesticide from the roaches or the bed bugs!)