Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bed Bug Paranoia 2

It's funny how my July 7 entry on Bed Bug Paranoia has been the most popular post in Bugged Out, totalling 13 comments, including a new one that was just made this week. I can't believe eight months after writing that entry, that people are still reading and commenting on it.

Given its popularity I felt I should give bed bug paranoia the attention it deserves.

I did see a bed bug last night, crawling on my sheets. M pointed it out and cried, "Get the tissue!" It was still flat and black, so it hadn't eaten from us yet. I grabbed the little @#%*er with a wad of toilet paper (we find keeping a loose roll of two-ply toilet paper in our bedroom is more convenient than a box of tissues) and run to the bathroom to give him a burial at sea.

Of course, all night long we felt little pinches and and we scratched various body parts as our skin periodically crawled. Falling asleep and staying that way was certainly not easy after seeing the little bug.

Check out the latest's hillarious...because it's true and we've all been there.


Anonymous said...

this makes me think either we are all crazy or just i am. but i cant see bites, eggs, or bugs. i am just constantly ichy all over. is this just a case of dry skin i must ask myself. i always wonder if im this uncofortable do others around me feel this way too? goin on 6 or so years with this constant feeling (15 years old up to now.) my mind plays games on me? the eyes do they see my thoughts? can i see what they think? im must be CRAZY! so where do i go from here?


I don't have any cure for paranoia, I don't know what to tell people when they relate to me their accounts of bed bug paranoia. The only thing we can do that helps is tell each other these stories so we can have some comfort in knowing we are not alone in having these paranoid feelings.


robert said...

i have a question i have recently been exposed to my first meeting with bed bugs,.. and its been a tramatising experience,.. i cannont lie i have been having fears after finding them in my clothing one day while i was wearing then,.. i had the thought that one crawled up my pants and into my butt and now im feeling sensations about them moving around in my body maybe its only in my mind,.. or maybe they are there please answer this question if you can,.. if they did get inside me would they be able to live there or die from lack of oxygen,... i know they can live in water ad prefer to stay in matresses... so i was wondering am i going crazy or is this a real problem,..

Anonymous said...

My god, you have the rare breed that like to enter peoples anus's to build a nest inside so that they don't have to go far for the blood meal. I don't envy you! Rofl