Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blood Suckers Are All The Rage

Due to technical difficulties (temporary inability to pay my Verizon bill) I haven't been able to blog the last few weeks.

In these last few weeks I've kind of gotten hooked on this new HBO series, True Blood. It's really a great TV series which M and I watch religiously. The show is set an alternate reality in which vampires do exist and have "come out of the coffin" upon the invention of synthetic blood (the product is called True Blood) originally designed the demands for human blood transfusions but had the unintended side effect of providing vampires with artificial food, so feeding on humans is no longer necessary. The show itself focuses on a fictional Louisiana town called Bon Temps (the name means "good times" in French; I wonder if that's some sort of literary device) in which a telepathic human waitress falls in love with a vampire and whose boss is secretly a shape-shifter who can change his form to resemble any animal. Anyone who hasn't seen it should definitely check it out on HBO or on YouTube.

Now there's a new movie, Twilight, in which a human falls in love with a vampire.

Despite my fascination with True Blood, I don't know why this vampire stuff is all the rage. Scores of people have been living with nocturnal blood sucking creatures for the last few years. Where's our HBO TV series? Where's our movie?

Shit, I think I'd rather have the vampires than the bedbugs.

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Anonymous said...

There's a theory that the mythology of vampires is, in part, a creative response to the ugly reality of bedbugs.

Vampires + bedbugs are:

1/ Both bloodsuckers. Need to feed on our blood to live.

2/ Both associated with feeding on humans at night, especially as they sleep in bed. (although bedbugs can feed even in daytime)

3/ Both associated with bats. In lots of stories, vampires morph into bats. Bats are known carriers of batbugs as well as bedbugs. Weird coincidence that they chose the bat as the animal that vamps change into.

4/ The vampire bite mark - the pair of puncture marks - can look a lot like a series of bite marks a bedbug makes, as it travels up our skin, feeding from one spot to the next.

Seems like your subconscious made the connection betw vampires and bedbugs too. Gotta agree True Blood is a great show.