Saturday, January 28, 2006

Let’s Get Graphic

A few readers have asked why Bugged Out does not feature images of bed bugs. One reader argued that people living with bed bugs need to see them in order to confront any fears of the insects and/or desensitize themselves to the sight of these parasites. While I do agree with that argument, I feel that since every other bed bug related site on the Web features image after magnified image of bed bugs, Bugged Out should be the one site that doesn’t feature such images.

Visitors to such websites should get some kind of warning that they are about to view some very graphic images of these creatures. Most people find insects disgusting, and I feel those sites have enough bed bug images on display that I do not need to post any images on Bugged Out. Besides, anyone living with bed bugs have probably seen what a bug bite looks like and what the insects themselves look like. But if someone still wishes to see pictures of bed bugs, they can see an ample array of photos on any of these sites in the Bed Bug Links list.

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