Friday, February 24, 2006

Budbug Blogger Hits PBS!

No, not me. Caitlin Heller a.k.a. The Caitlinator whose blog "The Bedbug Blog" was interviewed for a PBS article about animal behavior, in this case, bedbugs and its assault on New York City. Check out the article, then check out her blog. Let her know how much better her input made that article.

Also, Caitlin's blog has alerted readers that the next episode of the King of Queens will feature Doug and Carrie (do you follow this show? I do, and not just because I'm from Queens!) having their home turned upside down because her father returned from a Florida vacation and brought back bedbug-infested hotel sheets. King of Queens airs on CBS at 8 pm next Monday.

You know the shit has truly hit the fan once the sitcoms are putting it into their otherwise formulaic episodes.

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