Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Chickened Out

Okay, I didn't buy Sleep Tight when I said I was going to; I had to pay a few bills, and figured I'd get it when I recieved my next paycheck. But after reading the various comments on the previous post, I changed my mind. I'd really like to know more about Gentrol, as it sounds like the one bed bug killing agent that doesn't seem to have any negative feedback anywhere.


Anonymous said...

I believe that Gentrol only prevents the bedbugs from molting to the next stage. That is, Gentrol doesn't actually kill them. I've read somewhere and I'm sorry I can't find the link...that Gentrol by itself might just prolong the infestation of these critters. It probably should be used inconjuction with a residual such as drione dust.

Hopefully someone can chime in and state whether this is the case or not.

Bugged Out said...

I definitely agree with you. Gentrol really doesn't kill them. What I should've said was Gentrol along with an actual pesticide.

Bugged in Atlanta said...

As I said before apply Suspend or Demand ( a spray you mix with water) all over especially in the windows, walls, floors, etc. ( I just came back from a trip I was gone for a week and found 1 dead in my bathroom window and two dead in my bedroom window so it does work). Wait for it to dry then put drione dust in any cracks and spots that you can and in electrical outlets. I think adding gentrol would be a good idea to I'm considering trying that as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thank you so much for your blog. I just learned of my bed bug infestation yesterday. I woke up with what I thought were hives but my acupuncturist said they looked more like bed bug bites. Since 9:00 last night, I've been obsessively looking on the internet for information about how to get rid of it. In between bouts of sobbing, itching & scratching, and asking "why me?" I've learned some valuable information. I've been searching my bed and surrounding to find one of these critters to confirm that it is bed bugs but will proceed with my clean-up pronto.

It sounds like it's almost impossible to figure out how I got them. I moved to this apartment two months ago - the last tenant may have had them, the building may be infested, my moving van may have had them.

On a lighter note, I am a single woman who has hopes of finding a partner in crime. It's nice to hear that love can happen between two bed buggers!