Monday, July 31, 2006

Oooh-oooh, aaah-aaah

Of all the places to be bitten by a bed bug, why my underarms?

The bugs are acting really stealthy (is that a word?), like ninjas. I don't see them, I don't see any stains on my sheets or pilow of their droppings or guts. The only way I know they're still here is the few bites. I got the underarm bites a few days ago, causing me to scratch my underarms when I think no one's watching. Already today five people have caught me and asked, "Are you a monkey? Ha ha ha ha!"

Yeah, real funny. They don't believe me when I tell them mosquitoes bit my underarm. I'm surprised no one has asked me if I caught crabs. A real bad case of crabs.

Waitin' for my paycheck to clear so I can order that Suspend from where????


Billy Mac said...

You've been blogged! I've reviewed your blog on

I've been following your blog for a while and have recently started blogascope and wanted to post your blog in the "Blog of the Week" section.

Itchy Balls said...

I got you beat. I've had bed bugs crawl up my shorts while I was sleeping and bite my balls. Trust me, people will really think you have crabs then.

Here's a good tip: keep a Chinese backscratcher near your bed, or wherever you sleep. Also, an old card (credit, store discount, ID etc.) is good for scratching in concave areas like your armpits, and in my case, the crotch area.

Good luck!

Itchy Balls

Anonymous said...

I think I got bit once under the arm once. That area is generally itchy due to the hair, I suspect.

What do your bed bug bites look like? HOw do you tell them apart from say other allergic itches / hives, heat rashes or other bites?

Sometimes I think some of my itches are due to the detergent from washing so much and sometimes I wonder if I'm itching due to the dust that I have put on the edge of the rugs and around the baseboards of the rooms in the house. I can no longer tell when I have a legitimate bed bug bite or not because I don't know if the less itchy smaller areas of my body have been bitten by nymphs why may not itch as much. I don't know. There is very little definitive info available. Where's a bed bug entomologist when you need one?

Still itchy in Toronto :(

P.S. Bed bugs seem to be highly contagious. I think I passed them onto at least 2 friends unwittingly *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if anyone has used and been successful with Kleen-free product which claims to be a natural alternative safe for kids and pets and much better than any insecticide.

Thank you!

bugged in Atlanta said...

I have bought kleen-free and found it only good as a extra helper in my laundry to make me feel like well if the heat doesn't kill them hopefully this does. The problem is I felt like it was like spraying a bug you see with raid. It might kill it instantly (never tried so I don't know) but bed bugs you never see so you need real pesticides that have a residual, so when you sleeping and have bed bugs running around your apartment/ house that you don't know are there will run across it somewhere and die. I don't have any signs of having bed bugs bites, seen any, etc. although I have in the past and that's how I know I have them, but I still found a dead one in my bathroom window this mourning. Even when you think they're gone they're still there.

Anonymous said...

I am itchy. Very itchy. I have red welts everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Kleen Free Really WORKS!!! However, If you're lazy and are not ready to clean more than you have ever cleaned in your life you will have bedbugs for the rest of your life. You MUST clean you whole house and even the walls. You must go back every few days to spray the ones that have hatched because no matter what you use you do not kill the eggs. If you're still getting bitten you have probably missed an area where they are hiding, which is very easy to do. If you skip over even one crack they will continue to multiply and you will continue doing "the monkey" indefinitely.

If you're looking for the actual bugs to shoot like you do roaches you need to educate yourself. Bedbugs are microscopic little vampires. If you see them that means they've sucked enough blood to multiply in size. If you want relief you cannot only kill the ones you see. You need to realize that there are more you cannot see than those you can see. You need to focus on killing the ones you cannot see. That means spraying areas where you do not see any bugs. Getting familiar with the vacuum cleaner and purchasing for a month's supply more tide than you've used in the last year. Very important: TAKE YOUR MATTRESS OFF AND SPRAY EVERY CRACK IN YOUR BED. TURN YOUR BED OVER AND GET THE HOLES UNDERNEATH. Don't worry about the wood, it will be fine. Kill them suckers! (They are actually suckers, you know :-)) Every website on bedbugs tells you how to clean. Follow their instruction with kleen free and you will rid your house OF BEDBUGS without any pesticides and chemicals - Guaranteed! Once you're finished with the bedbugs you can use the rest of the clean free to clean almost everything in your house. Try to do that with a pesticide!

Happy Hunting!