Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Survey #1: How Do YOU Sleep?

FYI, blood and gut stains have reappeared on my sheets and pillows. And I have been itching a bit. But I digress.

In talking to people who also heave dealt with bed bugs, different people seem to have employed different methods of having a full-night's sleep despite the itching, the paranoia and the biting stings that come with living with bed bugs. Some people drink to lull themselves to relax and sleep, others take sleepiing pills, some do sit-ups in bed with the lights out until theyre too tired to move. A few people have begun smoking pot to put themselves to sleep, even people who quit smoking it years ago.

So here's my survey question: what do you do to relax yourself (or tire yourself out) in order to fall asleep desite the bed bugs which will most likely bite you during the night?

You can find my response in the Comments window. I look forward to reading the answers people leave.


Bugged Out said...

When my girlfriend sleeps over, having sex is a good way to tire oneself out. And after achieving orgasm, bed bugs are the last thing on my mind as my head hits the pillow.

When I'm by myself, a glass of Coke and rum usually makes me woozy enough to fall asleep. Also, I don't seem to feel the pinch of the bites as much when I have a good alcohol buzz running through me.

Bugged in Atlanta said...

I sleep in my armor, (a long sleaved cotton turtle neck tucked into my pants and gloves and pants tucked into socks.) I finally stoped because yes I live in Atlanta and it's August and I only have fans on at night because I only have a window air conditioner unit in my bedroom that doesn't ever shut off when it' too cold.

I also wrap a sheet around me like a caccoon that's pretty tight. I've been doing this for a year and it now seems normal how sad is that? I get anxious when I don't have my armor and caccoon.

Question for bugged, How do your bites look? Because I use to when my infestation was bad have mosquio like bites that itched. Since I have the bugs still but a smaller more controled infestation I only have tiny specks of red maks sometimes in the breakfest lunch dinner threes making it look like a larger red dot, they don't itch at all. I have one I remeber when I went on vac in March noticing on me could have been there longer, but I still have the same spot on me from march so 6 months I've had that bite. I never know when or if I have new bites.

My theory is that nymps give tiny bites, little red dots, and adults give mosquito like bites, so you probably have alot of adults in your apartment. If you can get a residual spray and apply it every 3 weeks you probably will get bites like mine and still have the bugs but it'll be more controled and you won't have itchy bites and wake up to blood on your sheets.

Anonymous said...

I don't sleep. It's horrib-lay. I stayed at a hotel last night to try and I was so itchy, I had to lay cold wet towels all over my bites.

Anonymous said...

i sleep with the lights on, in long-sleeves, long pajama pants, and only after showering and applying Avon skin-so-soft in the shower (the bath oil, not the bug spray). Not sure any of that helps, but once you adopt any activity like this, it's hard to undo (maybe it's the one thing that's helping, after all!)

despite all that, sometimes i stay up quite late, avoiding sleep, despite the fact that the buggers are more likely to appear in the wee small hours.

Backfighter said...

I slept very well on the night after the day that I attacked them for 7 hours by vacuuming, dismantling bed and furniture at suspected places, catching and killing most of them, brush things to remove eggs, cleaning good, spraying a lot of synthetic permethrine with a stray in all cracks. Afterward I illuminated for 4 hours. I was exhausted but satisfied. I still sleep good after a week without bites and I am happy if I see few dead nimphs, bugs, flies and spiders near the places that I sprayed. The stuff works for a month, but next week I spray again. An exterminator can never invest the time to look real good for nests and eggs. You need a small flashlight to invest every hole good. I gonna repeat this treatment 4 times, even if I don't see any bugs anymore. Persisting in cleaning and spraying is the best way to deal with them, I guess. Work hard, get tired! Sleep tight, make sure that the bed bugs don't bite.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to find your site. I am trying to find anyone in Atlanta that has bed bugs--I'm curious if it's just me or if the problem is more widespread in this city

Anonymous said...

I live in Atlanta and I moved out my bedroom to get away from them. I have been out for 2 and a half months now. Today I said I wanted to move back and I found 7 bites on myself. IF YOU KNOW OF A GOOD EXTERMINATOR IN ATLANTA, LET ME KNOW!