Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bed Bug Detection Tip

I just got a really good tip on what to do if you think you have an infestation in your home, but aren't sure if the perpetrators are bed bugs because you haven't actually seen them.

Set glue traps on the floor, the really sticky kind used for rats. Make sure you place them in a part of the floor where you won't be likely to step in it, like under your bed or under furniture. By morning you should have some insect trapped on it. If you can't identify the trapped bug from the many, many, MANY photos of bed bugs floating around the Web, or if you want a second opinion from a professional, stuff the insect(s) along with the trap (don't try to touch the trap) into a large Ziploc bag and call 311 to find a Department of Health laboratory who can analyze the specimen and confirm whether the insect is a bed bug or not. I understand this is a free service, I'm not completely sure of that.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I am going to try this as I have not seen any bugs. I moved into an apartment building in October 2005 when I started to get bit a lot. I thought it was odd as it was cold. Then all the buzz about bedbugs started and I put two and two together. I threw away my mattress and my boxspring and moved elsewhere in December. I started getting bit AGAIN last month. But not the months inbetween. So odd. I have an exterminators come and inspect my house and I have no yet seen one dead or alive. I get bit 3-4 times a night. I really dont think they are mosquitos because I do not get bit awake. I sleep on a couch and I took it apart and looked in all the seams and didn't find any. None under the couch either. I bought some do-it-yourself chemicals and laid those down two nights ago. Hopefully I can kill them. I got some containers to put my clothes in after I wash them. Sigh. I just feel like Im never going to be free of them. I cant wear skirts and my feet look like I have STDs or something. Its so embarrassing.

Backfighter said...


Backfighter said...

Hi there. Here some bug-news from Antwerp, Belgium, Europe. I have the same problem, but nothing in the media here and nobody talks about it. Nice site, thanks Bugged Out.
I don't know where they came from, as most of the people. I'm a taxidriver. Maybe from the luggage of clients? Last year they moved with me to this appartment. I checked, but in the rush of the move not good enough. In the winter I kept the temperature as cold as possible. Especially in the sleeping room. It really helped, I had few problems. But now it became slowly a disaster. Warm temperatures are perfect for them to multiply fast. Some open spots on my arm and so. I made myself angry and I'm gonna fight until they are all stonedead! Most of my stuff is at my girlfriend's place. My girlfriend also had bugs after she went to live alone she took it also with her. But she get rid of it in an odd way. She had a stroke and had to take medication. After a month or so, all the bugs were laying dead all over the place! Amongst other medication she takes warfarine, coumarin. It keeps the blood thin to avoid obstructions. But there is a higher risk on brain- and other bleedings. This product is also used as a rat-poison. It is much more harmful for rats then for people. The product builds up in the body, after a few times eating from the poisoned grains the rat dies of internal bleedings. I think also the bed creatures. Very probably the little warfarine in my girlfriends blood was enough to kill them since they almost exist out of blood after they feasted. Maybe the farmaceutical industrie could bring a less dangerous product on the market to kill them that way? My girlfriends appartement is completely bugfree for a year now. All I had to do was vacuum the many dead ones.They did not even make it to their hiding places! But I am not gonna take dangerous medication just because of these bugs. A week ago I vacuumed everything, but especially every little hole in the bedroom and around the computer corner. Then I dismantled my wooden bed and I found about 5 adults in cracks. Do not put your bed to the wall!!I found one in a wooden nighttable. And a few under a empty wooden book-case after I tipped it over. A small flashlight like a pen is very helpful!! You can see the eggs hang on the wood, but they are very small. Wood is warm and the eggs easily glue on them. I brushed with a stiff brush. I cleaned everything good up wit a lot of soap. After things dried I sprayed A LOT of synthetic permethrine that I bought in the supermarket. The 2! aërosols had a kind of straw on it that allowed me to to spray in every tiny place. It leaves a residu on the treated places that stays for a month. But I am gonna repeat the whole operation next week. Even if I don't see live bugs anymore. Also I didn't get bitten anymore. Oef! Until now I see very few deads near the walls. Also little white ones. Nymphs! Also dead flies and spiders. With my suspect clock radio, I did at first not know what to do. I sealed it in 2 plastic bags and have put it in the deepfreezer! My mom comes to visit next week. She don't know about the bugs. I may not forget to get it out there in time, or she's gonna think that I'm crazy. My mattress was not infested! I checked it inside-out with the flashlight. Look out for their black droppings and pealings!
All covers are washed and hot-dried. With the wardrobe I took a risk. No traces anywhere so I did not wash all the clothes. But I cleaned and sprayed under it. It is not so close to my bed. I gonna persist cleaning and spraying for two months, every two weeks, even if I don't see any. If that does not help...I let my girlfriend live here for a few months. What can I do? Before I was also itching in the late afternoon.
That is a late reaction on the bites that you had the night before. It means (generally) not that there are bugs in your clothes. Good luck, dear New-Yorkers and let's fight them! WAR ON BUGS!

Anonymous said...

hi Bugged Out,

Thanks for your forum. I was wondering if you would be able to ask people to send in photos of what they recognize as nymph bites and actual nymphs - life-size to the naked eye.

I've gotten sprayed twice and am anxious to know whether the small bumps Í'm getting lately are the object of my paranoia or if they are really nymph bites.

I have seen magnified versions of nymphs and eggs but I would like to be able to recognize what they would look like to the naked eye.

Any commiseration or advice would be helpful from the bed bug community as I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out whether the small particles I pick off of my skin, bed sheets and clothing could be nymphs or eggs. Maybe we can identify the common elements from our stories and feedback together.

Thank you!

Anxious in Toronto

Anonymous said...


I've seen little bugs jumping around the wooden sills of my bathroom and bedroom windows. THey bite! How do I know if they're baby bedbugs or just soem other type of bug?

They have what look like two antenna arching out of the top of their body. They jump when I try to crush them and they easily disintegrate when I do crush them with my finger.

I saw them crawling around outside on top of the container where we keep our shoes too but thought they were just baby sow / pill bugs because alot of them too inside the basement.

And..I thought bedbugs don't survive outside.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have fleas, anonymous. Bed bugs don't jump.

Bugged Out said...

The last anon poster is right. I've never seen a bed bug jump. It sounds like fleas.

Anonymous said...

I've read a few websites that say that they can jump. Whatever the insect was - it jumped and it bit me.

Good news is I haven't seen any for a long time in the windows.

How Bedbugs Spread
Bedbugs often spread by hitching rides on people's clothing. They jump from host to host when people brush up against each other in crowds (yet another reason to keep your distance on the subway).

Anonymous said...

HEY! i live in london where we are also having a lot of bedbug problems! I got infested in my home from having my exwife stay overnight. what did i ever see in her? also i have read today about a NY lawer who stayed in the best hotel here and now he wants to sue for millions because he got the hangers-on and so did his wife. so at least the bugs are not discriminating like some people around. they will suck on blacks, jews, catholics and even muslims and they dont care about suicide bombers or nothin. Maann!! We are in BIG Trouble.. All I can think of to defeat them is to take so much drugs like spliff coke and vodka that once they suck your blood they strangle themselves like that michael hutchins guy in australia or maybe drown in a swimming pool. or go on Oprah.

Anonymous said...

HUH. I am from Taiwan and work in a restaurant.You westerners should think yourselves lucky. I get bitten twice as much as you do. It seems that after you've had a chinese meal you get hungry again about an hour later. And they don't even leave a tip. HUH!

shredder said...

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Bed Bug Bites said...

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Greenie said...

We often tell people who aren't sure if they're dealing with bed bugs to use double-sided tape, but the glue traps seem like a much more sophisticated idea. Our Pest Control Bellevue technicians are always looking for good ideas.