Monday, November 13, 2006

Bedbugs in Russia

Someone told me that bedbugs have run rampant in Russia, and that Russian women (well, the ones who are homemakers, I suppose) have become experts in killing bedbugs. So when they come over to the U.S., this whole infestation thing is old hat for them. They track them, they kill the bugs, they even set up makeshift bed bug traps. Can anyone verify this? If this is true, maybe some Americans should be sending out for those Russian mail-order brides.


Maciej Ceglowski said...

Hi there,

I can't seem to find a way to email you directly, so please excuse the off-topic comment. I'm a programmer who just had his first encounter with bedbugs, and it riled me up enough to create a bedbug registry ( with the goal of helping people find and submit bedbug reports for hotels and addresses across north america.

It is similar to the Bedbug City project you posted earlier, but a little more comprehensive in that you can view all listings in text form, not just on a map, and with coverage of the whole country (with regional subsites to come later, style). I'd appreciate any reports your readers can contribute!

Many thanks,

Maciej Ceglowski

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