Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bugged Out in the News!

Last month a reporter from the Queens Tribune left a comment on Bugged Out saying she wanted to interview me for a story about bed bugs in Queens (where I live) and left her number. So I called her, did the interview and yesterday picked up this week's copy of the Tribune and found the article.

Check out the article. It's pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Hello all. ive just bought a new product { insecticde } they just put out on the market . its called Jt Eaton & in BIG letters "KILLS BEDBUGS' so will see how it works.. i dont think its a residual. it has 0.13 % pyrethins a good concentration i might add!it also has piperonyl butoxide.this is all out war the big guns are coming out lol..i have gotten bitten one time too many by these pests.hope to report good results soon.

Anonymous said...

did "KILLS BEDBUGS" work?